Modern Mode Aqua Spa
& Gathering Room

We put our own "modern spin" on a classic favorite!

Aquamassage is an easy and effective way of relieving pain, reducing stress, and easing tension. It is recognized around the world in more than 90 countries. In fact, more than 20,000 people every single day enjoy the benefits of Aquamassage! 

Our Aqua Spa units allow you to get a quick but customized Aquamassage while you remain fully clothed. It's massage via 36 warm water jets and it's 100% hands-free!

Choose "full-body" or focus on the area of body in greatest need of relief. You will feel great and you will walk out looking just as polished as you did walking in - no greasy after-effects.

What are YOU waiting for?

Call us at 662-617-7353 to learn more and schedule your next visit. BOOK ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE. 

Our Vision

Who doesn't love a good massage? The problem is - when you need it most, you most often play the "waiting game." It's rare to get that massage the same day. We are offering a same-day solution for relief of your tight necks, sore backs and basic everyday stress. We have 2 Aqua Spas and there are available in 15-45 sessions. That means - there will almost always be an appointment waiting for you at Modern Mode Aqua Spa. Call us today, book online, or simply walk in and see what you've been missing!

Business hours

Appointments are available every day. Book using the BOOK NOW button
 or call us at 662-617-7353.

If schedules aren't for you, walk-in!  Walk-ins are welcome EVERY DAY. 

Monday - Friday

10:00am – 06:00pm


10:00am – 04:00pm




Curious??? Check out a picture of our Aqua Spa unit below. Our services vary and are charged based on your total Aqua Spa session time. The most popular options are between 20-40 minutes; but we can adjust that timeframe to meet your needs. The pressure and zone(s) of are adjustable. The best part - it's easy and fast! Get in and out without any mess, remain fully clothed and stay dry. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Aqua Spa massage bed 
* customize your experience
* remain clothed
* stay dry

Gathering room
We offer a private room for you and your friends. We also offer a corporate rate for employers looking to reward or honor their employees. call today for more information.

John & Libby Grantham

Modern Mode Aqua Spa


500 Russell Street Suite 20
Starkville, MS, 39759, [email protected]

Located in Cotton Crossing Shopping Center - 2nd floor - accessible BY BOTH STAIRS AND RAMP.

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